ESP32 flashing with UART

Recently I’ve bought an ESP32 camera module with no MicroUSB port on it.

Aliexpress esp32 camera module

In order to flash this controller, the UART protocol is used.

We would need UART to USB converter. I’m using this

AliExpress UART to USB convertor


In the case of the given converter red wire is 5V black is GND. Green wire and white wires are the Rx and Tx accordingly. Also, GPIO 0 should be connected to the GND while flashing the board.

Please check ESP32’s pinout of your board for the Tx and Rx GPIO. In my case Tx = GPIO 1 and Rx = GPIO 3


Hardware is setup up and now you can flash your board easily.

I’m using the command-line tool. Please type inside your project:

During the …..__…..__….. loader press the ‘Reset’ button. After you have flashed the board disconnect GPIO 0 from the GND and press the ‘Reset’ button again.


A short tutorial on how to flash ESP32 with no MicroUSB port onboard.

I hope you will find something useful for yourself.

If you have any problems following this tutorial you can leave a comment below or email me: